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you, john. >> ted, tell me why isn't this a good idea to save people from themselves? smoking is bad. we all know that? >> well, good morning, tucker. the reason why this is a bad idea it cheapens the relationship between a doctor and patient. politicizes the prescription process, which should not happen. it makes things even more inconvenient for people. for one of the problems of this is you are going to have a lot of doctors who are going to be asked to prescribe cigarettes. they're not going want to to do that that's absurd. it's going to cause convenience stores. gas stations won't be able to sell cigarettes loss of revenue right there. new york state with the high taxation of cigarettes in that state. smuggling has gone up as cigarette taxes have gone up 190%. smuggling has gone up 170% since 2006. today, in new york state, 60.9% of cigarettes are not purchased legally in new york state. the taxes are not paid and the state loses revenue. this is absurd idea. >> put a ban on cigarettes would it not, professor? as you know a massive percentage of many state taxes come from tobac
well, compare it how quickly they confirm john kerry, right? >> right. >> this is the other end of the spectrum. it was almost uncomfortable to watch it times getting hammered by a number of senators. >> pretty much every pundit that you heard from said pathetic, he seemed confused. he messed up some policies he wasn't even familiar with containment. and president obama's position on that. getting notes handed to him. but at the same time, we have got jay carney saying he is doing great. >> yeah. let's listen to him. >> today senator hagel answered the questions appropriately and did a fine job. we believe he will be confirmed. as i said before, he has, i think there has been increase in the number of senators who have come out in support of him. not a decrease. since the hearing. >> you know, one of the things that struck me watching this was it seemed like he just wasn't prepared it seemed like, you know, you are preparing for one of the biggest days on the stage that you are going to have in the public eye. it just seemed like it wasn't prepared. he knew certain questions wer
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)